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Impact of online Classes in Pakistan


By: Nida Noor

The need for digital learning has become imperative in these pressing time when the COVID-19 school , college and universities are close and drastically affected education around the globe with millions of children forced to stay at home and wait for the pandemic to decide their future.

Since school , colleges and universities have announced to continue educational activities online , a large number of students show displeasure over the lack of access of internet facilities .

There is also a problem of loadshedding , some people cannot afford a laptop or a mobile phone for each child. Online lectures , quizzes and assignments are going to affect student grades. As students are not able to understand the lectures to all these problems.

Online learning is basically a growing and exciting now way to learn about almost anything . However learning in a face-to-face setting , and it is important to think about your goals , your needs and your interests before committing yourself to something.

Due to the virus some people are not able to go on jobs and because of this they are not getting their salary. So in my opinion government should also take half fee. Government should also take an action for internet connection and for electricity problems.

If they are not able to work on these problems so they should probably open schools , colleges and universities so we can probably take our classes.

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