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Melancholy of today!


Melancholy of today!

The compilation of invincible was going on

I don’t know who whispered life softly

In the quest of accumulation,

life scatters farther

The baggage we bear, brims with the dust of yesterday’s

The marching footsteps pronounce tomorrow’s.

Our today is divided in the trouble of both

Neither we clasp the former nor we can clutch the forthcoming

Escaping the fervour and the nakedness of today, shrouding with the obsolete filth

Shackling today with guile of tomorrow

Both the confronts in the fear of present, in the abhorrence of today

Many years later in the lights of tomorrow we’ll see our today as our ancients did with their kids in their days.

Our present, suffering from alienation longing for our intimate gaze

Holding the breathe in their mouth

Yearning for us to pulsate In the mischief of onwards Don’t rush in the backward ways

Come out from the haze Grant little devotion to today

It is so delicate give a bit of expression to today

Don’t exploit in prophesy of tomorrow

Don’t be swallowed by yesterday

If you want to become be the morsel of today

Your invention is today, your duration is till today

The innocence of barren skeleton ask for the sensation of presence from your futile existence

Do you have evidence of existence?

Can you make the present lively?

Have you got the instinct?

You the crumbs of yesterday’s And you the unseen wreckage of tomorrow

Bestrewing the staleness to make the breeze ruthless for the breathers of todayYou the victims of yesterday and the culprits of tomorrow

Listen to the melancholy of today.

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