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Storm & heavy rain took lives of Five Citizens in Ibrahim Haidery


Electricity poles and walls and roof of house fell down at seaside of Ibrahim Haidery due to storm and high rain.

Four children became seriously injured due to fall of house’s roof down, out of them two innocent Umar Deen S/O Essa and 7 year old Hania D/O Noman died away although 3 months old Mavia S/O Abu Bakar, Alishwa D/O Yousuf are included in injureds whose treatment is being at Indus Hospital .

Although 3 men 24 year old Babar Ali S/O Mukhtiar Ali, 60 year old Khadam Hussain S/O Amir Bukhsh and 60 year old Shabbir died away whose dead bodies were sent of Sindh Government Hospital Ibrahim Haidery in Riksha but no any doctor was present in hospital at that time.

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