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Pak Dewan Factory Management fires all workers


Pak Dewan Cement Factory Management fired all its workers pretending that factory has come in economical crisis due to that 500 workers residents of Ghaghar have been jobless.

In this regards cement factory workers talked with journalists that factory management had issued notice on 1st June but took work forcibly from local workers the whole month and non-local workers were receiving salaries sitting at their homes, although management says that it will not pay salary of month to workers also.

They further said that management has swindled them after taking work in the whole month but on the other hand factory management has called meeting on 6-7-2020 and issued the circular which says that factory management has given salaries in 2 and half months during lock down to all workers which is not feasible now cause of economical crisis so all the workers have been fired on temporary basis from their jobs and will be called soon as economical situation will be stabled.

More over workers said that they decline the circular which has been issued by factory management and lock down has also been over now and even factory is out of crisis so if workers are fired in this situation then it will be understood a planted conspiracy.

They demanded from factory management to run Pak Dewan Cement factory otherwise they will start a protest movement against them

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