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K-Electric has become a ‘Killer Electric’: Haleem Adil


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the K-Electric (KE) has become a ‘Killer Electric’ for the Karachiites and urgent action is needed to stop its brutal exploitation of electricity consumers in the megacity.

According to details, the PTI here Monday staged a sit-in in front of the head office of KE in Karachi. Haleem Adil Sheikh attended the sit-in, flanked by PTI MPs Dr Saeed Afridi, Shahnawaz Jadoon, Raja Azhar, Rabistan Khan and others. They raised slogans against the exploitation of power consumers of Karachi by the KE.

Talking to media, Haleem Adil said the KE has already tasted the blood of the hapless power consumers of megacity Karachi and it has already become a ‘killer electric’. He said this KE is sucking the blood of Karachiites. He said after electrocution of many people due to faulty supply lines of the KE in Karachi during last rainy season, the KE had made several promises but none of them was fulfilled. He said the KE did not spend a penny on improving its infrastructure. He said today we are here to make the killer KE accountable before public.

Haleem Adil said Saeed Ghani and other PPP leaders allege that the KE is run on the orders of federal government. He reminded that this company was given to Abraaj Group in 2009, when the PPP was in power in Sindh and also in the Center. He said the privatization of the KESC is one of the biggest frauds in the history of Pakistan. He demanded a forensic audit of this company to unearth this mega financial scandal. He demanded that the audit of KE for pre and post 2009 periods should be conducted immediately.

Haleem Adil asked the KE to immediately stop load shedding in the megacity. He said today we parliamentarians are protesting here and the KE should not test our patience. He asked to take action against all those crooked characters who have ruined the megacity Karachi. He demanded to start development projects to facilitate the Karachiites.

He said the federal government is giving 480 megawatts electricity to the KE, besides sufficient gas and furnace oil. He said the KE people are telling lies that they are not getting furnace oil. These people have already ruined the power supply infrastructure of the megacity Karachi. They sold costly copper wires and replaced them with substandard cheap wires. He said the KE is extorting billions of rupees every year from the electricity consumers of Karachi. He said during this very hot summer, the KE is continuing its cruel load shedding.

Haleem Adil said in 2011 Arif Masood Naqvi, CEO of KE, was given a Sitara e Imtiaz for tormenting the people of Karachi. He said the people belonging to the PPP are also included in KE team and they are looting the Karachiites with both hands. He said both the PPP and MQM got jobs, benefits and extortions from the KE. He said no thief and electricity beneficiary is in the ranks and files of the PTI. He appealed to the Prime Minister Imran Khan to help in getting the Karachiites rid of the killer electric for good.

Haleem Adil stated that JIT report of Uzair Baloch is changed. He said it is an open secret that whose henchman Uzair Baloch was. He shared these people staged bloodbaths in Karachi. He said extortion mafia has ruined Karachi and its economy. He said in past the PPP would use Qadir Patel and Uzair Baloch in press conferences. He said the killers should be taken to the task. He warned that there is also a JIT report with Allah, the Almighty.

He appealed PM Imran Khan to ensure that the killers of Karachi are given exemplary punishments.

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