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Bandit women rob house of Haji Bashir Ahmed at Memon village


Two bandit women came at Haji Bashir Ahmed Memon’s hilouse in Haji Abdul Karim Mohala Memon village and asked for water from house owner lady Hajiyani Fahmida and entered the house finding an opportunity and looted 150 thousands pointing dagger on the throat of house owner lady and ran away.

In this regards Haji Bashir Ahmed Memon, Hafiz Ghulam Nabi Memon, Sana-u-Allah Memon, Hajiyani Fahmida Memon told that when Fahmida Memon was alone at home and men had gone on work so 2 women came at their door and asked for drinking water excusing their bad health when Fahmida women went to bring water for them then they entered into house and robbed 150 thousands from house locker pointing stiletto.

They said that their motorcycle was parked out of house which had been stolen few days ago whose FIR was lodged at PS Memon village but has not been found yet by police.

They further told that police has just completed formality and said that they will search out the bandit women soon.

They said that area’s situation is being poor day by day that’s why role of Malir police is questioned in society.

They demanded from ADIG Karachi, SSP Malir and other concerned officers to overcome on such type of occurrences and restore them their money and motorcycle

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