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CBA demands for immediate payment of leave encashment to KW&SB Employees


A Session of Muttahida Workers Front CBA headed by Chairman Irshad Khan, President Nadeem Yousuf  held at the CBA Office on Tuesday .It was attended by MQM-Pakistan United Labour Federation office bearers including central cabinet & workers of CBA and KW&SB Employees.

CBA Chairman and President stated that KW&SB is an autonomous and essential services department, its employees have strengthen the department financially by their efforts .

They added by tax recovery, connection challan, permission and from other resources employees submit huge amount in the department and doing their jobs day and night without realizing the conditions of weather.

CBA Top Officials said KW&SB employees are performing their duties amid COVID- 19 pandemic but the management is not giving salaries to the employees on time. Whereas management also not provided annual leave encashment amount which they provide every year in the month of Ramadan but this year still not provided.

They shared that tyrannic management is not ensuring implementation on Charter of Demand in 1991 in which leave encashment amount approved.

Now the Managing Director has stopped the payment of leave encashment by giving reason that Sindh government through a letter only authorize to pay salaries and pensions and put ban on every payment, they added.

Moreover CBA Chairman informed that this ban was put by the management on march 2020, whereas leave encashment are the amount of employees leaves which provide by the department by cutting it from the salaries of employees so this amount comes into the head of salaries and it put in budget of every department.

He said as per the letter of Sindh Government there is no ban on the payment of leave encashment, however he claimed that MD Asad Ullah itself violated Sindh government order by paying the amount of medical, fuel and blue eyed contractors in the last of May 2020.

Irshad Khan said when CBA asked about the payment to contractors from Managing Director he said that I have to safe my seat and to take care of other people , he has not given any useful answer.

Whereas CBA asked MD when department runs by the payment of petrol and diesel then employees are also the part of department . He demanded for payment of leave encashment to employees on priority basis and warned to stage protest in case of non payment .

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