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Citizens protest over selling of Drugs in Ibrahim Haidery


People of Ibrahim Haidery held protest demonstration against increasing ratio of drugs sale in fishermen’s habitations at sea belt and bogus and fake FIR against senior journalist Saami Memon, Shahzado Mastoi and others who have written news about drugs sale here on yesterday.

Protest demonstration was led by Fatima Majeed, Haji Taj Muhammad, Majeed Motani and others in which men and women participated in a large number holding banners and play cards in their hands and hailed serious slogans against SP Malir, SHO Ibrahim Haidery, SHO Shah Lateef and other drugs sellers, extortionists and corrupt police personnels.

On that occasion leaders addressed demonstrators and said that Malir police like PS Ibrahim Haidery, PS Shah Lateef, PS Sukhan, PS Quaid Abad and others have become totally failure to bring peace and placid in fishermen’s habitations at sea side like Ibrahim Haidery, Chashma village, Dabla Mohala, Rehri, Lat Basti and other areas but is engaged to arrest innocent people in place of arresting drug dealers and other criminal peoples.

They said that recently PS Ibrahim Haidery police nabbed 2 innocent sisters and locked them up a full day against which injustice when journalists of Malir wrote then SP Malir Tahir Norani, SHO Shah Lateef booked senior journalist Saami Memon and Shahzado Mastoi in fabricated and bogus FIR which is prompt proof of police corruption and its failure.

They appealed to Sindh Government, IG Sindh to deploy honest, faithful and faultless character police officers and personnel in place of corrupt, extortionist and faithless and cancel bogus FIR against journalists of Malir.

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