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COVID-19 : 10 million female students will be out of school


By: Sanjay Mathrani

In a report ‘Bringing all the Girls Into School’ jointly published by a group of civil society organisations working on girls education, conducted after the outbreak of this novel virus COVID-19, 10 million female students will be out of school around the world, in which a large number will be affected, the world is moving towards digital tactics and tools, the globally educational system has setup technological stuff to entertain and educate students in this pandemic, talking to the educational volunteers in a session organized by Thar Education Alliance (TEA) Partab Shivani expressed deep concern over it.

He further said that education is affected due to corona, a larger number of girls’ education has also been severely affected.

Shivani insisted in this lockdown where everyone is working from home, it becomes so easy to invest the proper managed time for children by parents, parents now have more responsibility to educate their children before and after the situation returns to normal.

lockdown itself is confusing, malls, markets, and all public spots are going with the same routines but they have an issue with schools.

He shared that, globally it has been observed that STEM education is taking place widely, it is a dire need to aware of the masses, students, teachers, and education department to invest more and focus more on this element.

This is quite promising and proves that if everyone performs [their] duty on an individual level while the government does its job on a communal and collective level, a significant success in curbing the spread can be seen. There is a shortage of teachers in Thar.

According to the education department, 1,050 teachers have retired. After COVID, all facilities have to be provided and children have to be brought to school.

He also stressed that, world is investing over STEM education and here in Pakistan they’ve given cut to the budget, they didn’t raise it.

The people who are roaming around in this situation are the evidence that how much literate they are, and how much they’re serious.

‘Budget is a serious concern, talking in a louder voice in assembly doesn’t mean that they’re planned, even though if you’re not opening the schools make lockdown more strict rather then smart, otherwise children will suffer from both sides; education and illness.’

Speaking on the occasion, education volunteers Imtiaz Noor, Nandalal Sharma, Sarang Ram, Ali Murad Dars said that the employment of thousands of families in Thar has been affected, now there will be an economic impact on education as well.

Sindh Government should re-open the schools, they may follow the rules and regulations of SOPs to stay safe from COVID.

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