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Bitter truth & the Plight of the people of Sindh


By: Muzammil Ferozi

In a general perspective, Sindhis are very meditative and sharp minded in doing politics. On the other hand, the Muhajirs are the most educated and intellectual.

But, in the same time both have such a caul on their intellect despite their common past, common situation as well as their common future. Observing this double coated situation of Sindh, my heart goes down as I see the dim lights of Karachi and the unemployment ratio of the educated youth in Karachi.

I get heartbroken about the children in Sindh villages who neither have functional schools to brighten their future nor the sufficient health facilities.I am a Son of Sindh, I was born in Karachi, I drink the water of the Indus River and I am a modest student of its history.

My Sindh, like other provinces, should have been developed rapidly, but unfortunately its internal battles have been the biggest obstacle for its development. 

They are not ready to sit down for a solution or neither do they think to sort it out that how can it be dealt to get rid of their problems, as there is no serious circle between them who can bring them on one page.

Who’s responsible for this and what’s the reason for it? This is the big question for the people of Sindh.As long as urban and rural Sindh continue to fight with each other politically, Sindh will never be able to develop.

Why doesn’t this simple matter come to the minds of such well-off and conniving people?Due to these battles, anti-PPP politicians have always been allies of the MQM, whether they are Sindhi nationalists or any other politicians. 

Why are educated and intellectual people getting deceived in the name of Sindh every time? How long will they keep making a fool out of themselves in the name of Sindh and its development? Sindh is the reality no one is going to break up but if the same injustice and overlooking goes on, the situation might get definitely worst.

There is no hostility between Sindhis and Muhajirs, many of my friends in other parts of Sindh, the respect and value I get from them is what I’ve never received in Karachi. Then again, why are these politicians luring the innocent Sindhis?If Muhajirs are the real enemies of Sindh then why these nationalists or GDA politicians have allied with the MQM?If the concern was ideological, then how was this alliance possible?

On the other hand, the PPP is also responsible for this situation because despite ruling the province for 12 years, they failed to understand the problems of urban Sindh and has never made a serious effort to get votes in urban Sindh.

Why both of these parties have not become serious regarding Karachi’s issue even though they can do it if they want but dirty politics is being played and they have closed their eyes.

On one hand Muttahida Qaumi Movement, keeps asserting that the urban Sindh had been suffering from for the past 12 years.

MQM Pakistan blames that Sindh government had turned Karachi into villages through their corrupt practices while MQM-P has always been ready to cooperate with PPP for Sindh’s interests but first, they wanted to sort out their accumulation.

It is the country’s only metropolitan city where a number of ill-plans and conspiracies had been made to plunder it and such plans had been increasing rapidly in the past few years.

In Sindh people are getting government jobs through bribery, favoritism, violation of merit and injustice which is destroying the government institutions.As we know due to this third party always take the benefit from the fight between the two communities?

But we are so ignorant that we have not been able to come up with a workable formula for walking together in making Sindh an anti-racist province.

It is still frightening to remember the law and order situation, hence it is not easy to forget all that has happened but we all talk about putting them behind us and moving forward. At present there is a PPP government in Sindh.

They ought to work for the urban areas of Sindh and prevent the frustration among the youth.Major political changes have taken place within both the PPP and the people of Sindh. The leadership of the people of Sindh has now come to new people and new faces.

Similarly, the power of the PPP is now with Bilawal Bhutto. Bilawal Bhutto himself may have realized that the development of the province is possible only by taking the politicians of Sindh with him.

That is why Bilawal Bhutto had invited MQM to govern with him. This party did not take the invitation seriously and preferred to improve its relations with PTI in the federation.Other hand Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had asked the MQM-P to join hand to get back Sindh’s due share in resources, the provincial government will “stand by MQM-P for the sake of Karachi’s people”.

But MQM-P was the view that PPP wanted to help them just to topple Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) government.PPP keeps saying that not a single one of those promises have been fulfilled, whether it was any funding development programs, funding the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, funding projects in Hyderabad or funding hospital in Mithi.

What is not understandable is that why is the MQM-P still part of the ruling PTI?Karachiities say that the sense of deprivation in the people had now been turned into disappointment on the system owing to “injustices”.As a resident of Sindh, in my opinion, lessons should be learnt from what has happened there in the last four decades.

If considered, the two major classes suffered in the battles between them.The capital of Sindh, once the center of the economy, was eclipsed by these battles.

Since the generation of electricity from gas reserves in Sindh, the revolutionary change in the economic situation that should have taken place has not come to life yet. 

It is a humble request to the politicians of rural Sindh and the capable baboons of urban Sindh that you fought hard, did whatever it took against each other.

Massacres, riots, fights, violence inside the assembly and rallies, but nothing was done.Once again, try the other way, walking together with sincerity, finding a dignified and lasting solution to the problems, recognizing each others legitimate rights instead of seizing them with violence, con, and power.

Of course, keeping politics separate but problems get together for a solution. By this Sindh will be prosper which can lead to stronger Pakistan.

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