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A Catalyst for change: Ayesha Zaheer


By: Sanjay Mathrani

Children are our most precious resource, and they deserve to live long, healthy, and productive lives.

To ensure that how to enable them to achieve this task, Thar Education Alliance (TEA) volunteer and ninth class student Ayesha Zaheer Junejo shared that participating in STEM-oriented and girls education-focused activities by TEA has changed her life.

“Life leads you to some unforgettable events, among which many would be harsh, but I am confident that if you have the ability and courage to face every situation, you will never ever fail. Like hundreds of thousands of other villagers, I only had the opportunity to either help my mom to her routine or get admission in school and strive for education.” Ayesha expressed.

She further added, “I decided to opt for the second option. As I grew up, I noticed my parents always used to take me to some renowned hospitals, but I never bothered to know why they invest so much time to travel from Thar to known hospitals in Karachi. But as I become older, I realized they are worried about my low growth. Thanks to my classmates and school administration, I never truly felt that I am a special child among them. But my parents were always there to protect me from any harm they could predict.

I have always remained among the top two during every single school exam. My mother has been a strong supporter who always encouraged me to participate in extracurricular activities. I have been actively participating in activities like debates and motivational sessions all around Mithi.

Thar Education Alliance provided me a platform to exhibit my true strength. All of my family members, both maternal and paternal, always remained around me in all of my celebrations.

However, last year, my father who had 19 years of work experience with a known Integrated rural development program left his job and decided to move to a bigger town where I can get a quality education.

He put his own house on sale and took all of us to Hyderabad. Just to help us get quality education and learn to live the competitive life which we have been sheltered from in Mithi. I got admission in a prestigious institution here at Hyderabad. For me, it was quite difficult to let others feel my presence as equal because they failed to see me as one.

Relentlessly, I proved my identity by securing top position in first term exams, and I also won different competitions such as sports and debate. I was also prepared to top in annual exams but the COVID19 outbreak left us no choice. I never gave up on my poor physical appearance but I always trusted my wisdom, wisdom which I acquired by dedicating my time to exploration and researches for new ideas and new avenues.

My Family remained constant support holding my hand throughout. I am taught to wish for big, determine my success, and get myself ready for whatever I plan for. I always dream for a world free of discrimination and racial prejudice.

What I am planning to achieve is to bring peace & harmony to society, educate all those (focusing women and girls) who are currently out from education system just so can they can stand up for themselves and claim what is truly their right and fulfill responsibilities as a productive citizen of the motherland.

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