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Shopkeeper & villagers protest against police extortion at Razzaq Abad


Razzaq Abad habitants and shop keepers protest demonstration at national highway against Shah Lateef police’s violence and cruelty led by councillor Abdul Raof Gabol, Wali Muhammad Gabol, Remat Shah, Shah Nawaz and others in which inhabitants of area participated abound due to that national highway was jammed and hundreds of vehicles was struck.

Protesters hailed strick slogans against SHO Shah Lateef Abdullah and Head Mohrar Muhammad Khan Abro.

On that occasion demonstrators talked with media men and said when Shah Lateef SHO Abdullah has been appointed extortion activities have been begun. They blamed police personnel take extortion from having pistol in their and if any shopkeeper decline them to pay extortion then they threaten them and take them towards police station.

They further blamed that police assault on shopkeepers at police station and release them talkoling fistful bribe, although today police personnel raised pistol on shopkeeper Shakeel Kalmaty on refusing to pay extortion also intimidated and threatened others shopkeepers due to that villagers and shopkeepers became constrained to  protest and sit in at national highway.

They appealed IG Sindh, SSP Malir and other concerned officers to take notice of police cruelty and fierce and dismiss SHO Abdullah and head Mohrar Muhammad Khan Abro in order to protect them.

SHO PS Shah Lateef approached on report and negotiated with them assuring that their all issues regarding police will be resolved at PS Shah Lateef.After negotiation villagers and shopkeepers finished protest and sit in.

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