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People of Pir Sarhandi become mentally disturbed due to failure sewerage System


Sewerage system of Pir Sarhandi village at Malir District has become damaged from a long due to that the village’s lanes and houses have come under filthy water. Millions rupees tenders were issued to maintain sewerage system but all have gone into corruption.

People of Pir Sarhandi village have come in distress and become mentally disturbed due to filthy water and it’s unbearable odor.Village Zulfi Jokhio, Abid Jokhio and others told journalists expressing their anxiety and disturbance that sewerage system of their village is failure from a long time about which they have complained many times to administration but they took no interest to come and resolve issues maintaining damaged sewerage lines.

They blamed that few tenders also had been issued whose record may be in documentation but no work has been on failure gutter system and all money may have come in corruption.

Moreover they said that filthy water has ruined life comfort and put villagers in distress and they have become mentally disturbed due to the odor of dirty water.

Pir Sarhandi village habitants appealed with hope to District Council Karachi Chairman and other related officers for the restoration of sewerage systems of village

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