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“Do not get panic in any situation my countrymen”


By: Muhammad Tayyab

It is said usually in all difficult situations by the captain of Pakistan government ship. Unfortunately, this remind me of a incident which happened to a person who lived abroad.

He was living a very prosperous life with his family in foreign land. This person came to Pakistan due to some piece of work of somebody request. Unfortunately, he fell sick and could not go back abroad due to his prolong illness.So, he badly in need of money for fulfilling basic needs of life  therefore he claimed his financial assets from his motherland.

Sadly, all his property was usurped by government in his absence. The corrupt mafia in the government are responsible of his misery. So, a person like this left in lurch by government because he has been making so many rounds inrelevant governmentdepartments,courts and embassy for help. He is in great stress because he took debt from many people and he has nothing to give to his debtors.

My  friends this is the situation of our country that people are deprived of their possessions by government agencies .It is a question from Prime minister that how can a person not get worried in this situation.Mr. PM you promise for removing corruption but on the other hand this is happening in your government tenure.

Pakistan people are in great distress as many have lost jobs and their families are suffering. It is really disturbing to see the women like Barmash Baloch.She is crying for justice while Colonel’s wife was making fun of the Pakistani laws by defying it.So how can we be not get panic after looking such terrible news? People are deprived from electricity, water, and health facilities in this lockdown situation.

Even no relief is given in the payment of electricity and gas bill despite announcement of government relief in this regard. Sadly, in the above mention situation they are advised to not get stress by government.

Captain of the government ship of every now and then came with false promises and hopes of development and relief. It is bitter truth that in reality poor people problems are increasing day by day.

Similarly, it is heart wrenching for a needy person to bear the pain when he does not get twelve thousand bank cheque from government after waiting in the long queue in this hot weather. I request all the pillar of the state of Medina to do something for the sake of humanity.

People in Pakistan urgently need the serious attention from all stake holders. People will not definitely not get panic if the promises are fulfilled and they get relief in this difficult time.

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