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Police & company guards assault workers during protest for rights


Qasim Textile workers protested peacefully for their salaries before company gate here on yesterday abruptly Shah Lateef Police and company guards had lathi charge on them due to that the whole area became battlefield.

4 workers Hakeem Buledi, Bakht Ali Buledi, Shafiq Buledi, Ibrahim Narejo seriously injured during coalition between police and security.

Ibrahim Narejo’s condition is told critical who has been sent Jinnah Hospital for treatment. Police has arrested many workers including Muhammad Shoaib, Javed, Rashid and others.

On the other hand Sindh United Party and Sindh Mazdoor Tehreek central general secretary zubair Noonari, Abdul Sattar Gopang, Santosh Kumar, Riaz and others condemned and expressed great reaction against the injustice with labourers and torture on them. 

Sindh United Party leaders, workers and relatives of injured and arrested workers took out protest rally led by President Malir Faiz Heesbani, Irfan Buledi, Asghar Khoso, Sajad Khaskheli and others and hailed slogans against police lathi charge and cruelty of company guards.

Demonstrators talked with journalists and told that company workers have not been paid their salaries from 2 months and not even restored their job due to that they have been into starvation and their is nothing to eat for them and theirs.

They further said that Shah Lateef police attacked on peaceful protesters and police and company administration tried to make the atmosphere worst so  responsibility goes on administration.More over they said that all workers live in rental houses whose owners make them listen bad words every day because of unpaid rent.

Demonstrators appealed chief minister of Sindh, IG Sindh, ADIG Karachi, SSP Malir to have immediate legal execution against Shah Lateef police and Qasim Textile paying all company worker’s salaries and restoring their employment if not then they will become constrained to block national highway.

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