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ALL Caters and Decorators Association stages protest for restoration of business


Decoration and catering owners, workers staged protest demonstration at national highway near Gulshan e Hadeed laying pots on road led by All Caters and Decorators Association Karachi president Rao Muhammad Waqas, Junaid Rehman, Muhammad Bashir here on yesterday.

Protesters hailed serious mottos against for the restoration of their employment, business and get rid of starvation holding banners and play cards in their hands including women workers.

On that occasion All Caters and Decorations Association president Rao Muhammad Waqas, General Secretary Muhammad Bashir, Vice President Junaid Rehman talked with media and told that imposed lock down due to the epidemic covid 19 virus has ruined the business and employment of poor workers and now when lock down has been eased so many businesses have been opened but marriage lawns and other public places are still closed due to that caterings and decorations owners and workers are suffering from that dearth of food.

They said that those workers who were earning 8 hundreds a day have become deprived from earning from 2 and half months .

They appealed from Prime Minister Pakistan, Government of Sindh, Chief Justice of Supreme Court to give permission in order to open business with SOPs so that they can save their families from scarcity of nourishment.

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