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Lady abducted with children from Link Road a day before Eid


Lady Soni was vanished with 5 years old son Shahzad and 12 years old her niece Shazia on a day before Eid day dated dated 23 May to whom their relatives have searched alot but they have become fail to find them yet.

In this regards Soni’s husband Punho Tamachi and girl Shazia mother Nasiban talked with journalists of Malir and told that they have been living in Satal village at Filter Plant and have been coming at Ghaghar for earning.

They further told that they are very poor and beg to earn pelf.Nasiban said that her sister in law was standing on road near tool with son Shahzad and her daughter Shazia and she was standing at National Highway for begging so suddenly she look at road and could not find all three so she reached on incident place and asked from Traffic Police Constable so he told that people who were black vehicle abducted her with children forcibly and ran away.

They said that when they went PS Shah Lateef for complaint so police refused to take case and drove them away from PS Shah Lateef.

They appealed IG Sindh, ADIG Karachi, SSP Malir and other concerned officers for help in search of their beloved.

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