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Maula Baksh Chand terms allegations of armed attack baseless


Maula Baksh Chand Vice Chairman UC 30 of DMC East and leader of PPP rejects allegation and termed it false which are spreading by his nephews and their mother on social, print and electronic media.

He stated that the allegations of armed attack by him including other family memebers is baseless. My brother’s son and his wife has put these allegations on me, he added.

He informed that, the dispute started one week back after fight between cousins, but my brother Allah Bux Chand, his son Adnan , Danish and his wife has turned this matter into a false allegation.

Maula Baksh Chand asked that said persons came nearby his home from Ayub goth to beat the boys, so how it is possible that we have attacked on them.

Vice Chairman UC 30 shared that the said persons are running campaign against him to defame for which he is also going to send legal notice of defamation. Whereas he informed some motorcyclists are coming on the streets nearby his home to threat him and his family members.

Moreover he informed that for the protection of him and his family members he has submitted request for protection in Sachal police Station .

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