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Equipped People assault old man on money conflict


A dispute happened on money in cattle colony under the jurisdiction of Shah Lateef due to that old man namely Kala Khan seriously injured.

In this regards Kala Khan talked with Malir journalists and said that he is a businessman and he had good relationship with Abdul Nabi Birohi and money exchanging from many years and at present Abdul Nabi is his debtor of 12 lacs which he has refused to pay from a long time.

He further said that Abdul Nabi Brohi called him and insisted to break relationship from Khalid( a transporter) who is good friend of him if not he will pay no single penny in return but he became indignant on refusal and said to forget his money.

Moreover he said that he had from anxiety due to close business in lock down situation and phoned and implored Abdul Nabi for his money against of that he called him on night at Cattle Colony near Usman Hotel where he and his equipped personnel attacked on him and injured him seriously but surrounding people interrupted to save his life.He said he went PS Shah Lateef to get registered a case but police refused him and said to bring medical report.

He told that Abdul Nabi and his personnel have disturbed his life and threatened him to leave the city otherwise he will be killed. Kala Khan appealed law and forces agencies for protection and justice .

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