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Steel Mill Employees Protest against arrest of CBA Union Heads by PS Steel Town


Chaos spread among Steel Mill employees after the decision of federal Government regarding dismissal of Steel Mill’s 9350 employees and  aggressiveness is found widely in them. 2 employees demised of heart attack due to the shocking news of decision taken for removal of employees from  job.

Sarfraz Ahmed Ghanghro died at Gulshan e Hadeed and other unknown who was a resident of Karachi. Situation became so worst due to death of both employees and hundreds of employees came out from their houses and gathered before Steel Town market and commenced expostulation.

Police and Rangers troops arrived on report who strived to end the protest cause of that clash occurred between protesters and law and force agencies.

On that occasion 11 employees leaders were arrested including Chairman CBA Union Yaseen Jamro, Information Secretary Mirza Asif Baig Progressive Union Iftikhar Abbasi, Zahid Mukhtiar and shifted to unknown place.

Moreover employees gathered who set out rally and reached PS Steel Town and sat before the main entrance of it continued the protest raising stern slogans.

Police told that arrested people are not in their custody but if protest is ended then police can search out them and try for their release although employees announced to continue expostulation till the release of their leaders .

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