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PML-F District Central leaders to move court against elected representative for non-availability of water


Pakistan Muslim League Functional PS-127 leaders arranged gathering of residents at FC Area to discuss the major issue of water shortage which majority of the residents are facing from a longtime.

FC Area residents gave their vote to MQM-Pakistan from 1988 to 2018 but they have not done anything for the betterment of citizens. Salman leader of PML-F District Central shared that, I have served MQM-Pakistan for 26 years but now left because it is not in their agenda to provide basic facilities to the residents .

Speaking with the resident he shared that the leaders of party has decided to file case on the elected representatives of area for not providing basic facilities like drinking water including others .

Arman Fayyaz President of Pakistan Muslim League Functional PS-127 While criticizing Sindh Government he raised question that , where the government has distributed ration of 8 billion rupees .

He said that only 20 Million rupees provided to every district for ration distribution , as in district central there are 51 UC’s an estimated four lac provided to every Union Committee in district central which is insufficient to fulfill the need of residents.

PML-F leader Arman Fayyaz added that, Providing ration is the basic work of government but we have provided ration bags to the citizens of area by our ownself.

Further he stated that PML-F would resolve the all the issues of karachiites . However he appreciated the role of law enforcement agencies for bringing peace in Karachi.

Salman leader of PML-F shared, He will fight against the mafia allegedly backed by MQM-Pakistan elected representatives . He said water shortage is one of the major issue of Federal Capital area and PML-F would go to court for the redressal of said issue.

Mr.Salman thanked to Sohail Baig Noori Convener of Justice lawyers forum Pakistan and all the residents to attend the gathering.

Moreover Sohail Baig appreciated the role of PML-F leader Fayyaz and others including others for arranging the gatheiring to discuss the issues of FC Area residents.

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