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Sindhi Topi sale on the rise in Khairpur Nathan Shah before Eid


By: Ayaz Buriro

Sale of Sindhi Topi increased in Khairpur Nathan Shah on the occasion of Eid Days. Sindhi topi is very much necessary to wear on the happiest moments in every part of sindh including Khairpur Nathan Shah.

The Design of Sindhi Topi is most famous and it take two to three days till completion. People are getting Topi for special occasions only. The Lockdown could not get the material of Topi for making.

According to the details,  As Sindhi topi (Cap) is very much necessary to wear on the special occasion Like Eild days. While currently the Price of Topi has been increased as from normal days shared the views Sindhi Topi Maker Roshan Qambrani, Khalid Khooharo.

While cheapest caps cost Rs250 and the most expensive one is Rs 3000  said the shopkeeper, Khalid Khooharo. As senior Citizen Qadir Bux shared that it is always better to have your head covered with Topi it woukd be considered mist respectable and man looks dignified.

Whereas it is observed that Sindhi Topi is made by women mostly at homes in free time especially in rural areas but unfortunately thete is no market access it is hand made handicraft work. According to newsman, Sundhi Topi maker women earned 15 to 20 thousands in rural areas.

Meanwhile, many Caps just like Sibdhi Topi imported from Turkey, Bangladesh, India but they machine-made, they cost less then Sindhi Topi. It is suggested to government that to promote hand make Sindhi topi Industry as it is major and livelihood of the rural community.

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