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“Travelers of history Akhtar Baloch” Book Review of Karanchi wala (3)


By: Faheem Baloch

History is a study of the human past, as it is described in small written documents behind humans.

But as buyers of the past, historians acknowledge that there is indeed a swamp, not every piece of story has been revealed yet, and what has been told is in line with today’s situation. While it is not wrong to say that history is a study of the past, here is a collection of more precise and accurate statements.

Finding history is not everyone’s job Some even lose their lives Some people have made writing their life for centuries,

Of these centuries Akhtar Baloch has been sailing his way through history in a beautiful boat – not knowing how much and what a beautiful ride it is, However, where the boat is the last stop, there are many candidates involved in boat management.

When I picked up the book and tried to open it, my eyes fell into the book’s title One of the big figures in the small picture was Gandhiji too.

The book is named after four great brave Balochs, Mr. IA Rehman, Former Secretary General, Director, Pakistan Commission for Human Rights,

Prof. Saba Dashtiari, a renowned Balochi scholar who founded Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi Reference Library Malir,

Nadir Shah Adil, who excelled in journalism. His family has unique and valuable services for Balochi poetics.

Mr. Shabbir Shakir, a town of Peshukan, is rich in consciousness. It provides men with books on the shoulders of thousands of educated peoples.

From a glance at Akhtar Baloch’s book, Karanchi wala 3, many such topics did not appear to the reader, Who never read this topic or never heard about it Finding new topics anonymously gives readers good news through Dawn Urdu website.

Which is written in the book. Fairhaal, Nepair road, Claim Kahani, Pakistan’s Independence Day 14 or 15,

Akhtar Baloch wrote on a topic that is new to us.

While the foreword of the book is written by senior journalist Wasatullah Khan.

(Wasatullah Khan)On such occasions, in any civilized country, there is a high state of, but it is fortunate for Akhtar Baloch that so far, no honorary clerk who has made this list has been seen. If you go to India, Europe, or the United States, you can find local tour guides outside every historic city and building.

Until 1947 there was talk of migrants coming.The partition was of Muslim migrants who migrated after india.

Many migrant families were in the boat to see the faces of the migrants in Indian towns and many lands have seen historical background of Hindus and Muslims in both places.

(Claim Khahni)He further writes that the twenty-six major cities of Sindh, including Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Ladakana, and Tando Adam, were occupied by ninety-five percent of Hindus, so obviously the possession of these cities resulted from the exchange of property and land. Incoming migrants had the right.

With the finger you cannot hide the sun, such a history begins to emerge in its original form, The end of false history itself is in fact said by the writer, the writers wrote August 14 or August 15, even the intellectuals of the country can be disturbed, then how can this commentary see the historical decision?

(Pakistan Independence Day 14 or 15 August)I wonder what the reason is, that happened on August 14, 15 August and gradually we Pakistanis accepted it as well. I’m a minor in history. I often think from a point of view that there are “two countries in the world that were liberated as a result of a joint struggle under the influence of a single imperialist force on the style of India and Pakistan.”

Feirhaal is an ancient historic building built centuries ago in the British era, located in the heart of Karachi.

Sometimes We go, and in the evenings we have four or five friends sit in the Grass and discussing literary discussions with friends.

My departure from Feirhaal was from the books, that Yousuf Baloch was book stall on Sunday, I arrive in Karanchi Wala 1, Karanchi wala 2, Karanchi 3 series.

Yes, these buildings are nothing short of beautiful landscapes.

Akhtar Baloch column kept the facts of the building alive.

(Fairhaal)In 1863, Shaha Shan planned to build a beautiful building. This beautiful and charming building was a fairhaal that still reminds the citizens of Karachi that Bartal Freire.

It was inaugurated in 1865 by the then Commissioner of Sindh, Mr. Samuel Mansfield.

Zia-ul-Haq’s dictatorship did not even acknowledge these subjugated nations, when Akhtar Baloch wrote about Napier Road in a blog in Karachi, when the real facts were revealed.

(Nepiar Road)The most famous building bubble on Nepiar Road was the Thousand Tale, but during Zia-ul-Haq martial law, police brutality eliminated the heat in this building and other buildings.

The history of many buildings and ancient cities is still distorted,But Akhtar Baloch has worked hard to choose the history of some of the more ancient sites in the form of a blog.

Karanchi Wala (3)  Ilm o Adab Publisher & Bookseller Karachi published January 2020, is on 30 blogs and 208 pages.

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