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The Brave Frontline Warriors


By: Sakeena Haider

12th May is specifically a day to remark the contributions nurses do for the functioning society.

Therefore, the unflagging caregivers play a much more important role currently as compared to the previous times.

Leaving beside their families, and taking care of sick people in the crucial circumstances of the Covid-19 widespread is a major service to be valued.

These nurses providing vigorous support and care to the virus infected undoubtedly arise as frontline warriors in the present day hardships.

Risking their lives for helping in the formation of a solicitous and protected society, I salute to the indefatigable “Nurses” with the hope that they get paid equally for their major efforts in the society and get provided with the necessary protective gears for fighting against the virus and the government considering their personal protection and health as well.

Thank You to all the ‘Nurses’ for their services.

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