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Meeting called to reopen ward for drugs and psychological disorder


A ward was built to cure drugs and psychological disorder patients was established in Murad Memon’s government hospitals by SSP Malir and Additional IG Ghulam Nabi Memon which was closed due to the non-interest of administration but now provincial minister Ghulam Mustaza Balouch and Hands responsible are striving a lot to reopen that again.

In this respect elected representatives visited Memon village hospitals after that  a session was called at DC Malir office where provincial minister Murtaza Balouch, Salman Abdullah Murad, Jam Abdul Karim and other district officers and HANDS responsible in a great number in which it was considered to take resources of Memon village government hospitals and reopen the ward of drugs and psychological disorder.

It has been also decided in the session to open the ward within week viewing all preparations and 50 beds will be allocated where drugs and mental disorder patients will be treated.

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