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Labour Day :Saeed Ghani pays tribute to Chicago Martyrs


Sindh Minister for Education and Labor Saeed Ghani in his message issued on May Day said that today we salute and pay homage to the martyrs of Chicago, whose sacrifices have saved the lives of workers all over the world.

The rights of are recognized and their rights are taken care of. If we talk about the rights of workers in Pakistan, despite all the claims and efforts, the workers here did not get the rights they are entitled to, 16 new laws for the welfare of workers in Sindh province after the 18th amendment of the PPP.

The whole world, including Pakistan, is facing the Corona virus, which is affecting the working class the most.

I urge the federal government to provide a comprehensive package for workers on May Day. PIA also bans associations and cancels all agreements made with them. Let Services.

In his released video message on the occasion of May Day, Sindh Labor Minister Saeed Ghani said that as far as we are talking about the rights of workers in Pakistan, despite all the claims and efforts, the workers here could not get those rights. To which they are entitled.

Saeed Ghani said that the PPP and its leadership since its inception, has spoken of protecting the rights of workers, has made laws for their betterment and has tried to give them those powers.

To which they are entitled. But when the PPP government comes to an end, all the decisions that have been made regarding the PPP workers are taken back. In his message, Saeed Ghani further said that there should be a work to revive the trade unions in this country, to empower the workers under better laws, no one except the PPP has done anything.

He said that PPP has enacted 16 new laws in Sindh province for the welfare and betterment of the workers after the 18th amendment.

He said that 3 out of 16 new laws are unique, which is not said in the whole country and there is one law which may not happen in many countries, Saeed Ghani said that Sindh province is the only province of this country.

Where in the agriculture sector workers have the right to form unions and trade unions have started to be registered here. “Sindh is the only province where a law has been enacted to protect the rights of women agricultural workers, and it is the only province where we have enacted a law for the rights of domestic workers,” he said. Saeed Ghani added that the PPP is at the forefront of protecting the rights of workers and restoring their dignity.

Saeed Ghani said that at a time when we are facing lockdown and when the whole world is facing corona virus, the most affected class is also the working class. Saeed Ghani said that we are trying to alleviate their problems in some way, but we cannot do many things due to limited resources of the provincial government.

“I urge the federal government to announce a comprehensive package for Pakistani workers on the occasion of May Day and today. They must be given so much help that their business is affected,” he said. , So that they can get out and feed their children. Saeed Ghani said that the federal government has a lot of resources, they have foreign aid, the federal government can also transfer funds for its development works, which are currently stalled, the federal government has petroleum products. Despite a small amount of relief to the people after the global decline in prices, a large part of the money can be transferred to the funds for the welfare of workers, Saeed Ghani said today.

On this occasion, I also strongly condemn the fact that the associations that were working in the PIA will be banned and dealt with. S all contracts have been canceled, which was a bad decision and inappropriate time.

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