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Residents of UC’s Chandhan, Burira & Chhor drinking contaminated water


By : Ayaz Buriro

Khairpur Nathan Shah: Safe drinking water is unavailable and residents of Union Council Chandhan, Burira, and Chhor drinking contaminated water.

Mostly people are fetching drinking water 10 kilometer away from their residency. It’s observed that sewage-mixed water being drunk which will be  cause of the spread of Typhoid,  diarrhea and  many other waterborne diseases, calling upon the authorities to ensure the provision of safe drinking water to the people. 

While social activist G N Khoso shared that responsible of safe drinking water crisis is MNA, MPA, public health department and District administration. Whereas water supply scheme has been failed due to corruption. 

During the month of May mostly ground water remain nothing in ponds. Whereas villagers of Begodero, Burira, Hamid Shah, Buxal Lashari, Satani Chandia and other  villages are upset for safe drinking water. 

They demanded from Supreme Court of Pakistan, CM Sindh and Human rights organisation to take immediate action as there is no safe drink water for human as well as animals therefore government must provide basic need of life on priority basis.

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