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Residents of Khamiso Khan village facing severe shortage of Water


Khamiso Khan Jokhio is oldest village of Darsana Chana UC Chohar where water shortage has occurred seriously and women and children are coerced to fetch water from far and wide areas in scorching heat.

In this respect social leaders got visited journalists of Awami Press club Malir to their village where journalists found water scheme worst and water pipes have become useless.

On that occasion social leaders Arshad Juma Jokhio, Mushtaq Hakeem, Allah Dino Jokhio, Imam Din Jokhio, Imdad Jokhio and Naveed Jokhio talked with journalists and told that they are facing water shortage issues since 2000 and before that water was received from shrine where hidden connections have been applied in a great number due to that water was stopped.

They said that MNA Jam Abdul Karim had provided water scheme two and half year before which is still incomplete and when they complain to area’s MPA he become aggressive and misbehaves to social leaders.

Moreover they said that in this scorching heat women and children are too worried for water.

Village habitants demanded to Sindh Government, District Council Karachi administration, MNA and MPA to complete water scheme before Eid.

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