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KDA Employees Union pays tribute to Chicago Martyrs


A Session of KDA Employees Union regarding International Labour Day held on Thursday at 5th Floor of Civic Center. It was attended by KDA Employees Union Patron in Chief Navaid Anwer, Spokesman Abdul Maroof , General Secretary Dilawar Khan including other office-bearers.

Navaid Anwer in a joint statement of Union paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and also stated that due to the spread of COVID-19 all programs and rallies regarding May Day has been suspended.

He shared that Union would also remember the COVID-19 victims in prayers. Whereas he also asked to remember labour leader Shahzad Mirza including other martyrs of MQM-Pakistan in the prayers.

Abdul Maroof said that mostly labourers in Pakistan are deprived from forming union and said that unions have no right to raise voice where institutions are firing employees.

He asked that Labourers can not form union without the consent of factory owner and revealed that by the collaboration of labour department corrupt officials owners have formed unions in their factories and even the workers of that factory are unaware of those unions.

Further KDA Employees Union Patron in Chief demanded DG KDA Dr. Saif ur Rehman for the reinstatement of Work charge and Contract Employees.

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