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Double standards of Politicians or Disservice of Politicians


By: Naeem Ahmed Solangi

Man is greedy and he leaves no stone unturned to accomplish his goals. He is always prepared to achieve superiority, fame and wealth by fair or foul means.

Politicians make laws to aggrandize power. They modify laws to prolong their rule. They amend the constitution that protects them and undermines the opposition.

The politicians always face tug of war. They get their opponents assassinated. Mahatama Ghandhi, Abrahm Lincoln and Martin Luther King challenged the status quo of the systems and they were all assassinated. It is unfortunate fact that reports are made that do not reveal real assassins as no assassin has ever been punished in the world, especially South Asia.

Politicians create disturbance to win elections. Nelson Mendela says,” Leaders are worried about the next generation; politicians are worried about the next elections”. They resort to orchestrating ethnic cleansing as well as state-sponsored terrorism that can be seen in Palestine and India occupied Kashmir.

Moreover, the politicians indulge in character assassinations to defeat their rivals. Benazir Bhutto was subjected to such political victimization. The politicians level false corruption allegations against their rivals who are arrested, blackmailed and tortured. The opponents are forced to leave the country or face biased accountability.

The politicians ought to give up hypocrisy and promote tolerance and brotherhood for the betterment of their people.

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