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Review of Fatima Bhutto’s Book, “Songs of Blood & Sorrow”


By: Abdul Rauf Mugheri

The book by Fatima Bhutto, the daughter of Mir Murtaza Bhutto, in which she shed light on the secrets of her paternal mother and the Bhutto family.

This book written by Fatima Bhutto in the book “Songs of Blood and Sorrows (Blood and Sword Songs)” is the story of her father Mir Murtaza Bhutto’s life, rather it contains the history of the Bhutto family, the unnatural twists, the struggles and the luxuries.

And has written honestly. In which he has not only criticized his late Benazir Bhutto and her husband. There he writes vividly about the guerrilla activities and colorful lives of his father, Aunt Shahnawaz. Fatima Bhutto has written many times in Europe, the United States, the Arab countries, and in Greece, meeting with her father Murtaza’s colleagues, class fellows and girlfriends, to link the links in her father’s life. This is a fascinating book full of fascinators and discoveries.

Fatima Bhutto wrote many of these sad stories written from her family background to the beginning of 2008, giving much to readers and history and politics students. This is a book in the near history of Pakistan and Sindh.

You will find a lot to read on understanding the spirits and princesses of Larkana’s kittens. Fatima Bhutto writes of her family’s background, and writes that the Bhutto family migrated from Rajasthan to a small village called ‘Machi Makhan’, on the Indus, between Khodabakhsh and Mirpur Bhutto.

Khuda Bhatt Bhutto’s division of Fatima, the last resting place of the six Khuda Bhatt martyrs named after him. Famous in the world with flooding. Murtaza Bhutto, the son of Khuda Bakhsh Bhatti, who was found guilty of luring the wife of a British diplomat to death by poisoning a British officer, Murtaza Khan. This caused the first “unnatural death poison” of the family members of that family.

Much later, the death of Fatima’s aunt, Mir Shahnawaz Bhatti, also led to the consumption of poison capsules in a French city, and then the unnatural killing of kittens continued. Murtaza Khan’s first personality was tall, tall and handsome, and then Fatima Bhutto’s father was named as Murtaza. He died in 1996 in a natural way in front of his own home. Murtaza Bhutto’s son Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto was a prominent figure in the politics of Sindh. He took his elementary education in Sindh Seminary School in Karachi but could not complete the five levels of primary there.

After becoming a young man, he joined politics and became a member of the Legislative Assembly of Bombay. But after defeating Lilaram alias Shaikh Abdul Majid Sindhi in his hometown of Larkana in the 1937 elections, he was taken to Bombay with his family. Sir Shahnawaz Bhatti had 3 sons, two from the latter’s house, Alexander Ali and Aidad Ali Khan. Aid Ali Bhutto and Alexander Ali were older than Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He was a great pack and very popular among amateur and women. Aid Ali Bhutto was more beautiful and happy dressed in them.

He was always wearing a full suit. According to Fatima Bhutto, they were both Noted loather. The natural deaths of the two handsome young men were at the tender age of 30. Another of Sir Shahnawaz’s housemates was Lucky Thai alias Khurshid Begum, a common and poor family of Poona India. With whom Shahnawaz Bhutto married Ishaq, he would have Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and three daughters, Benazir, Mana and Mumtaz. Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto was heartbroken after the defeat in the 1937 elections when Bombay departed. At that time, the Chief Minister of Sindh, Khan Bahadur Ullah Bakhsh Soomro, on whose recommendation Shahnawaz Bhatt accepted the official job of the chairman of the Sindh Public Service Commission in Bombay.

During that time, the chief minister of the state, personal friend of Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto, fell ill and left for Europe for treatment. Consider this Shahnawaz Bhutto as a trusted friend. Appoints the Chief Minister of the State where he remains the Chief Minister of the Alliance for the partition of the United States. Fatima Bhutto writes for her grandfather Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s first marriage that he was fond of playing cricket. Taking advantage of her childhood and the gift of cricket betting, she was married to Shereen Amir Begum, the younger daughter of Bhutto family owner Ahmed Khan Bhatti. Which was six years older than Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Amir Begum’s sister’s sister was then married to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s elder brother Aid Ali Bhutto, while their third sister was abducted and married to her family after a landslide. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto first met Soraya Karim Bhoy in Bombay. When Surya’s relatives learned that she would be Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s second house, they had already refused to marry Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, his daughter. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s mother Khurshid Begum was a very poor and modest family woman who told her son, “The paradise of politics lies beneath the feet of the common man.

” So you should never forget that you belong to a poor land of Sindh. ”This was because Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto became the leader of the poor due to his poor faith and his good advice. When Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was studying in the United States then falling in love with Nusrat Isfahani, his mother Khurshid Begum objected to the marriage that Nusrat’s family belonged to the Shi’ite folk and the Bhutanese were Sunni. Nusrat’s father is a regular soap maker (soap maker). Finally in 1951, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s second marriage to Nusrat Isfahani took place in Karachi with the help of his friend “Ulo” alias Ulema Bakhsh Somari and Karim Daduji. Those who were brought to Nusrat from the house of his father, the blind man, and after a great effort from them, the Shi’a married Juan Maulvi, who studied the marriage.

Didn’t go to the whole house after the couple got married. She had to spend the first day of her marriage at the Palace Hotel in Karachi. After a few days, Shahnawaz Bhutto, the two ghost brides came home from the hotel. In 1953, when Nusrat Bhutto was born in a Christian hospital in Soldier Bazaar, Benazir Bhutto was not happy with the birth of the first child, daughter, because he was expecting the birth of a son from Nusrat. No one from the family of Asithai’s family came to congratulate her on the birth of her daughter (Benazir). Nusrat seemed to have a similar attitude towards his sisters.

At that time, Nusrat’s preparations were made by Nawab Akbar Bugti’s sister and Sherbaz Mazari’s house. A year later, when Nusrat Bhutto gave birth to Mir Murtaza, his grandmother Khurshid Begum not only was preparing Nusrat at the hospital but she also brought gifts and gold necklaces for her grandchildren. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto trained his sons very well. He would tell them to put their hands on their feet and prevent those who would meet them. Don’t smoke because cigarettes are harmful to health, which can be a dangerous disease like cancer. When Bhutto was last arrested from Larkana and taken to Lahore, he had a severe onslaught of his two sons. He somehow sent them the message that he is now leaving.

He also stole his friends to help his sons get out of the country legally, if not by whatever means he could send them out of the country. ۔ Fatima Bhutto has written this book several times in every place and extracted information from people who were friends and friends of Murtaza Bhutto. In his book, the father and aunt also attempt to elaborate their efforts to save the life of their father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the People’s Liberation Army and the journey to Al-Zulfiqar.

She honestly and truthfully mentions women and marriages in their lives. He writes that while Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was imprisoned in London, the focus of the brothers’ political activities was on London, where one day a conference by the United Nations Nation’s belonged to the beloved city of Veria with his father Mir Murtaza. Met. Della told Fatima that she felt in the conference’s basement hall that she was being looked upon by a man very handsome and tall, and so we exchanged smiles.

Dela, who accompanied him at the time, asked the man in Somalia’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. He told him that he was Murtaza, the eldest son of former Socialist Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti, whose government’s army overthrew him and imprisoned him in a murder case. He is now active in liberating his father and proving him innocent. It was a strange coincidence that Dela was also accused of corruption by her beloved husband, the deposed general of the Greek army, who was arrested again on corruption charges, just three months after his arrest with the Greek army general Michal Raufogalis. Today was the bride of love. General Queens was 25 years of age.

General Michael was not only removed after the collapse of the government but he was sentenced to life imprisonment in a case of rebellion and corruption. General Michael was a close and trusted ally of Greece’s deposed military president, Rapadopolous. Even when Dela got married to General Michael, she had the wedding ring as that president, General Parai. Dela used to meet with American CIA officials in New York during those days to end her husband’s freedom and end his life in prison.

So began a series of meetings between Murtaza and Dela, and the two shared their bitterness of their lives. In this way, they dine together in different restaurants and dance and get closer to each other. When Fatima Bhutto met her father’s beloved daughter-in-law in Athens in 2008, Dela was already over 60 years old, but her fate was still that she was still a beautiful woman. Della was warmly attached to Fatima as she tried to find Murtaza in Fatima’s eyes and gave her hair, giving him a letter and a gift from Murtaza. He even gave her a photo taken with Murtaza.

He told him that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had secretly written to his sons from prison saying, “If you do not follow my assassination you will not be my son.” She also told Fatima that Murtaza had done many and many things to save her father’s life, but the other brothers could not save her. He told her that when he found out in London that his father had been strangled, Mir Murtaza’s hands and knives began to shake, but he quickly took control of his emotions. I was with him trying to comfort him and I let him in my lair why he might be.

He said at the time, “They have killed Harry. They have to pay for it”. He then woke up in the side room to tell his brother Shahnawaz that he was awakened by our father. Then the other brothers came out wearing white clothes, where lots of people and media were waiting for them. Mir Murtaza Bilal also offered regular wedding presents to the family in Kabul. But Dela told him that her husband, General Michael, was still in jail so she could not make any decisions at this time.

She told Fatima that she had also come to Karachi with a letter of will. Where he delivered the letter to Nusrat Bhutto. While Nusrat Bhutto came to him with love and affection, Benazir Bhutto found him in 70 Clifton after waiting several hours but he ignored her. Dela said that once Murtaza, Shahnawaz and his brother had a joint meeting with Syrian President Hafiz al-Assad, where Murtaza had met with Syrian President Hafiz al-Assad during his confession. He also told Fatima that the Brotherhood of the Brotherhood of Sheikh Zayed Bhutto of Abu Dhabi (PLA) refused to support the People’s Liberation Army. But as a gift, the couple’s sons paid 10,000 dollars. Fatima Bhutto in her book called Aunt Shahnawaz whom she called Googie because at home Shahnawaz was called Googie. For which he writes that Aunt Gogi’s love happened to him, along with a girl from Turkey, an idol of Turkish descent studying in Switzerland, who had lived with him for several years, and that he met her.

When Narcisla’s family learned that she was armed guerrillas that her parents had broken her head, Shahnawaz also moved straight from London to Kabul. Fatima Bhutto mentions the two brothers’ stay and marriage in Kabul, and writes that both brothers lived in the single-storey bungalow of one of the three bedrooms in Palace-2, Akbar Khan Street. Which was very similar to the embassies of Germany and Libya. The embassy of Pakistan was located just eight kilometers from where. Murtaza was known as Suleiman Khan in Kabul. Dela remained with him during Murtaza’s struggling years. Dela also tried to learn Urdu and Spanish. In the meantime he had decided to visit the imprisoned general in Greece. Murtaza’s approach to his family can be gauged from the letter he wrote to him that “the promises we could not fulfill were fulfilled in our homeland Sindh.”

Murtaza Bhutto was the political head of his organization, while Shahnawaz was its warlord commander. Dela, while constantly approaching Kabul, informed Afghan intelligence that Dilla was a US CIA agent and then made this statement in a final letter to Murtaza Dala, telling me that my friends are for your US CIA. Brother of working After that, the roads of Murtaza and Dela separated. During that time, Murtaza Bhutto, Shahnawaz Bhutto, and their closest friend, Sohail Sethi, used to call in the evening on the road named by the minister of Kabul, Akbar Khan. Where Fowzia Fawzia, who lives in their neighborhood, also used to walk there that evening, Alik Selik grew up with Mir Murtaza and finally turned her into a marriage with Alic Slick Murtaza. Fawzia’s father belonged to a diplomatic family.

Similarly, their evenings were spent in Fujia’s house with their family, during which time Murtaza’s younger brother Shahnawaz became associated with Fawzia’s younger sister, Rihanna. Rihanna was a major supporter of Afghan Mujahideen fighting against Russia at the time, and Shahnawaz was again a guest of a communist country. They were both fighting in the church dungeons on it.

However, the two brothers got married for a few days. But the two had a wedding party together. In which Murtaza and Shahnawaz wore the uniforms of Palestinian guerrillas, Mir’s uniforms were worn with a red and brightly colored uniform. When a friend of Bhutto’s brother, Sohail Sethi, invited the wedding ceremony to the then Afghan intelligence leader, Dr. Najibullah, who later became the president of Afghanistan, he put a confidential file in front of him and said that he wanted me first.

Why not tell that both brothers are married to two sisters whose father and family are closely related to Afghan Mujahideen. Their father is an employee of the Foreign Service and also assistes in providing weapons to Afghan mujahideen through Special Forces Zia (ISI), which is paid to them by the American CI, but Najib’s kind of revelation. And the concerns did not hinder the marriage of the two brothers. Which gave Dr. Najib great frustration and disappointment, and so he became the backbone of the then mujahideen and supporters of today’s Taliban.

Fatima Bhutto was born on May 29, 1982, at 3:45 pm in a military hospital in Kabul. At that time in Curfew, Kabul, where Fatima’s mother Fawzia was brought to the hospital in a severe blow, she was also threatened that the Mujahideen would not target the hospital and that the rebel sons of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto would not be eliminated in the attack. Special arrangements were made for this in the hospital by Dr. Najib. Until Dr Najeeb and his wife arrived at the hospital and Murtaza Bhutto was waiting for the baby to be born outside the hospital’s operation theater in a Palestinian uniform. According to Fatima, his mother Fawzia had already been expecting a wedding (Fowzia was already pregenant with me).

When Fatima was born, her father Murtaza had two names in mind for the new girl, one of whom was his mother’s mother’s name, Fatima and the other was Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti’s mother. Later my Iranian anonymity was suggested by Fatima. And thus my daughter-in-law and aunt Gogi’s daughter was named “Sisi” in a folk tale. My grandfather used to say that my husband was killed so I would love to die before my children.

He did not want to see the death of another loved one in life. Fatima has also written in detail about her family’s long-awaited dinner gatherings where all the members of the Bhutto family came together. Murtaza and Shahnawaz were from Syria. Benazir Bhutto and Sanam Bhutto were from London, their mother came from Geneva. All shared their childhood memories and mischief with one another. Fatima and Sisi were small at the time, happy to catch their father and aunt’s leg. That happy evening culminated in the usual differences between Rihanna and Shahnawaz, until my father, who loved his brother Shahnawaz dearly. On her usual intervention, Aunt Rihanna told her to be quiet and this woman took my father and daughter there.

We all accompanied Nusrat to his living flat. Early that morning, the bell of the fleet went up, and Baba went out and my aunt Rihanna was sitting outside, saying that Shahnawaz had no idea. We all came to his flat because we saw Uncle Googie’s body lying between a Sufi and a coffee table. His shirt was marked with blue marks on his body. Baba told his imam “Aman Gogi was gone” and then French investigator police said in his report that Shahnawaz’s death was due to consumption of poisonous capsules. His eyes, body, and other parts were poisoned. After Shahnawaz’s death, differences between Murtaza and Fawzia escalated. It was impossible for them to be together now, and I was only 3 years old at the time.

My father raised me like a mother, he would bathe me with his hands, trim my hair, tell me what to do and where to sleep. I like wearing my shoes. I was just watching Tom Boy. This is how I forget my birth mother. When my father was killed, Fawzia one day suddenly came to my Karachi high school, where she had asked the school administration to take me home because I didn’t even want to meet her because my father had a photo taken with her. Were also dropped from the Family Album. Eventually I got involved with him inside the school. She told me that Murtaza had kidnapped her from him and she told him, “She called him my mother once” but I responded to him and refused to go with him and said I didn’t want to see him anymore.

He also had a press conference in Karachi with the help of another Benazir. Where Fatima mentions the differences between her father Murtaza and Big (Benazir), she has even mentioned in her father’s cruelty the day of the murder, how she was not compelled, with Prime Minister Benazir Islamabad.

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