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KDA Mazdoor Union CBA praised efforts of Sindh Government over Special Grant approval for payment of Salaries & Pension


Abdul Mateen Sheikh Chairman KDA Mazdoor Union (CBA) congratulated and praised the efforts of Chief Minister Sindh, Minister Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, DG KDA Dr Saif ur Rehman, Member Finance KDA including all the staff of department over the approval of 150 Million additional grant by the Minister Local Government till June.

He added that, Department would now be able to pay the pension of retired employees which was pending due to the shortage of funds.

He shared that the said file of additional grant is now in the office of finance department after its approval from local government department and expressed hope that the whole procedure of approval would complete within a week.

Chairman Mazdoor Union informed that, Karachi Development Authority was facing shortfall of estimated 150 Million for payment of employees salaries and pensions due to lockdown and closure of offices, In this regard, KDA Mazdoor Union was continuously raising voice and demanded Chief Minister Sindh & Minister Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah for the raise in monthly grant to cover the shortfall.

He thanked to DG KDA and prayed for his good health, and stated that Pakistan would control the spread of COVID-19 very soon .

Moreover, he felicitated Holy Month of Ramadan to all the employees of Karachi Development Authority and vowed that the employees would get salaries and pensions on time .

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