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E-Learning is an important tool in the time of crisis; Dr.Nusrat Parveen Sahito


In the words of Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the dispensation of formal education is something that should not be halted, Dr. Nusrat Parveen Sahito Assistant Director Directorate of Inspection & Registration Private Institutions Sindh (DIRPIS) shared these views while speaking with City News.

Dr Nusrat informed that the whole world is praising the efforts of Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah as despite of limited resources and funds,he has ensured free of cost test and treatment of COVID-19 for every citizen.

Moreover she stated, The coronavirus pandemic has tested the readiness of government to deal with a crisis that requires online and remote measures,It is online learning’s big moment and education is about to be revamped just as much the industries that are going to remote work due to the novel coronavirus.

Nusrat Sahito asked that, as the spread of COVID-19 has led to the closure of educational institutions all over the world. Such closure accelerated the development of the online learning environments within those institutions so that learning would not be disrupted.

Many countries are trying to quickly provide access to digital learning content from multiple sources. Some of these are free ‘open educational resources’, others are provided by publishers, private companies and non-profit groups, while in yet other cases governments are quickly digitizing existing content and putting it online, she added.

Dr. Nusrat said, Proper planning and education needed for the young generation to educate them about the effective use of tools like mobile phones, laptop or any other digital devices and it is only possible when it would be the part of curriculum.

Speaking about an effective tool for e-learning Assistant Director added DIRPIS  added, Believing that, in the short term, the best technologies are usually the ones people already have, know how to use, and can afford, many countries are astutely trying to make available learning and learning support materials for use on mobile phones.

Specially where students don’t have other technologies at home, educational radio can be an effective means of reaching leaners at scale when schools are closed, she said.

Whereas she informed that, providing and focusing on education amidst an unfavourable and constantly deepening crisis is indeed a huge challenge for all concerned. It is indeed an extraordinary circumstance that the world faces today as it sees an escalation in the number of COVID-19 cases every day.

She informed that numbers of private educational institutions in Sindh have already started online education for their students but they are limited in numbers as our educational institutions as well as the students were not very well aware about the use of e-learning so numbers of students are still not getting online education.

Further she added that, Due to the lack of resources There are still millions of students around the globe who, amidst the present crises and otherwise also, do not have access to standard, modern and state-of-the-art educational facilities to benefit from the e-learning.

Dr. Nusrat urged that Government should have to include the topic of e-learning/online education in the curriculum of all standards so that the students would be useful to it and in the times of crisis they could continue their education.

While discussing the efforts of Provincial Government, she praised the efforts of Sindh Government in fight against COVID-19 and urged citizens to stay at homes during the Holy month of Ramadan.

At last she expressed hope that, If the educational system in our country would get better then, we have those people who can invent vaccination or any other equipment which we are purchasing from the other countries, So education is the only way for the stability of any nation and country.

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