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Meeting called to discuss Law & Order Situation at Murad Memon village


Peace Committee of Murad Memon called session against poor and bad circumstances of peace at Social Development Organization Murad Memon village here on yesterday in which DSP Lal Bukhsh Solangi, SHO PS Murad Memon Qulandar Sheikh Market Committee heads and area’s respectable personalities participated it in a large number.

On that occasion habitations of Murad Memon village expressed pity on the performance of Police against those elements who have destructed the area’s peace and content and said that police is just completing it’s formality instead of taking effective steps against criminals.

They said that peace or content of Murad Memon village and surrounding areas is in worst conditions every where frightfulness states are occured.
They said that police has to come in action and take steps to secure business people, traders and residents because due to the unemployment in lock down danger of crime has happened even business has become down and slow.

DSP Lal Bukhsh Solangi assured Market Committee, Peace Committee and heads of Murad Memon village that constables will be appointed on all interior and exterior roads and main market of Murad Memon also police patrolling will also be increased if traders do their business according to the SOP in market then police will see other matters including security.

It was decided that including appointment of personnel on main market, interior and exterior roads of Murad Memon village all illegal encroachment of roadside will be removed.

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