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Utility Store in Azeempura Karachi asking customers for having no stock of essential grocery items


By: Muhammad Tayyab

The manager and employees of the utility store in Azimpura are treating customers very rudely. In addition, sugar, gram flour and other foods are not available to the customers despite having stock they are asking peoples that they have no stock of said products.

Moreover they told customers to visit the store after 2 to 4 days, while their second branch, located in Al-Badar Bazar, has everything available.

Utility store in Azeempura are selling grocery items at higher prices in black.

The manager’s attitude is very rude whether she is female or older. No one is allowed inside the Utility Store, while outside there is a crowd of people. Corona’s precaution is cited for non-entry, while outside it has no precautionary measures. When asked about the signs for social distance, the answer is in a very bitter tone. It is not our job to make people think.

Even those who work there do not wear the masks that the government has made mandatory for everyone. It is a place under the government that the government should take action against them.

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