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FC Area Karachi residents demand for action against corrupt mafia & illegal practices


Federal Capital-FC Area, Karachi residents urged Federal Minister of Estate, IG Sindh & DG Rangers to get rid of elements who are involved in illegally occupying and evacuating quarters of the federal government, which was established for the residential purpose of federal government employees.

Residents of FC Area in a letter to the higher authorities stated that, the Estate Office of Federal Government is responsible for evacuating and allotting the said quarters to federal government employees but nowadays a mafia backed by the political party MQM-Pakistan established union office in the area, the said union office is dealing for allotment and evacuation of federal government quarters.

Arman Fayyaz President of PML-F for PS-127 District Central informed that, Nadeem alias Dattu and Zeshan Farooqui are leading the union office, whereas Estate Office Inspector Muhammad Ameen is also involved with the said persons in doing corrupt practices by giving illegal allotments.

Moreover, he stated that the said inspector is also involved in collecting bribe from the residents who have allotted units by the government. He added that the said leaders of illegal union are harassing residents and no one can move easily within the care without their permission.

He questioned the authorities on which status the said union is operating within the area, as FC area was also no go area in past and now the said union backed by the political party is busy in making it no go area again by their illegal practices.

Further leader of Pakistan Muslim League Functional urged higher authorities including Chief Justice of Pakistan, DG Rangers, and IG Sindh for action against the said corrupt persons and also asked to stop the operation of illegal union office which is harassing citizens and doing corruption.

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