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Armed men attack on Minority Community near Kohi village


Equipped people raided on minority community’s habitation consisting 500 houses at Kohi Goth abruptly in the jurisdiction of PS Shah Lateef under the supervision of influential and powerful people and entered in houses forcibly and strictly assaulted women and children and men and violated on them to vacate places for them, in the consequence of that women named Sindhlan Bai, Bhagoniti Bai, Ganga Bai, Bhangwandas and others were seriously injured.

After the severe resistance from habitants equipped raiders ran away firing and minority community of Bagri Mohala remonstrated on National Highway and jammed road sitting in.

On the report SHO PS Shah Lateef Amir Rafiq approached with police party and negotiated with protesters and assured them to arrest attackers soon after that expostulaters finished the expostulation.

On the other hand Philanthropist Advocate Sonh Gopang, Advocate Muhammad Moosa Kolachi, Awami Tehreek Leader Abdul Sattar Gopang, Santosh Kumar Bheel, Sundar Kumar and Sindh United Party leader Faiz Hussain Sindhi arrived at Kohi village and met with injured and affected minority people.

On that occasion they said that Influential Rehm-ul-Allah Brohi, Manzoor Birohi and their colleagues want to possess on minorities houses forcibly and they attack on them daily with various excuses and they also attacked women and children yesterday and wounded them.

They reached PS Shah Lateef with affected minority people for FIR against raiders and where they also demanded the immediate arrest of attackers.

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