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PTI Karachi demands removal of Health Minister Sindh


PTI MPA and President PTI Karachi Khurram Sher Zaman said that journalists are frontline soldiers in the war against Coronavirus, they are instrumental in presenting our voice to the public abd deserve much appreciation.

Sindh government must also announce a relief package for journalists as announced by the Punjab government.

Sindh province is experiencing an incompetence chief minister and its our responsibility to highlight his incompetence. He was addressing at a press conference at Insaf House.

MPA Jamal Siddiqi, Imran Siddiqi, Capt (R) Jamil, Saddam Kunbher, Toqeer Ahmed & others were also present on the occassion.

He termed the sindh government lockdown as misleading and a complete waste.
“We supported sindh government for public interest but they’re not capable enough.

Health sector has been at its worst in Sindh, sister of Asif Zardari is the health minister, playing with the health of people.

She is not coming to respond and tell about the health situation of the province and seems disappeared. 10000 operations are cancelled at Jinnah Hospital which is sheer incompetence. They’re spreading hopelessness and pessimism among the public”

He condemned the recent regulation of ban on pillion riding and police misbehaviour with the public.

“All decisions taken in Sindh are in violation of federal government. We are not against lockdown but against it’s procedure. President Alvi taken a great step to engage Ulemas in opening mosques”

He warned the Sindh government by saying that federal government has their options open if this continues.

He demanded to tell status of ration distribution and go to courts if government fails to give proper accounts of relief funds gathered by salaries of government emoloyees and members of assembly.

MNA Aslam Khan said that PTI members of assemblies are distributing rations on self help basis, this government has allocated 20 ration bags for a single UC which is nothing more than sheer incompetence. PTI is serving its people without any prejudice and thousands of ration bags are given away. No political party is doing so except PTI.

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