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Villagers of Dur Muhammad Kharoos protest for ration


Workers and poor people of various habitations existing in the ambit of national highway from Quaid Abad to Ghaghar village are still deprived of ration supply due to that dearth if food has occurred in their houses.

In this regard, many villagers of Dur Muhammad Kharoos village had protesting demonstration led by Muhammad Sheikh, Sakina Balouch, Mithal Soomro, Mai Khatija Khoso, Sajan Abro and others against favoritism in the distribution of ration.

They marched demonstrating from village to national highway including children and women in a great number where protesters hailed serious slogans against Deputy Commissioner Malir, Ration Committee, People’s Party leaders and elected representatives and demanded of ration provision.

Protesters talked with journalists during demonstration and said that they have left their work and job due to the fear of Corona virus and followed lock down instructions and are staying at home with out help.

They said that government of Sindh had heard many times government announcements about ration supply but still they are bereft from ration due to that children have cried out due to appetite.

They said that they have been voting people’s party from years and ignored many times what is fault of them. They said that elected representatives are rewarding their owns in ration distribution and neglecting needy and deserving which act is against of humanity. 

They complained having humid eyes that ration us provide those who are from an other countries and provinces but local people are deprived from ration provision.

They demanded from Sindh Government to provide them ration on their door steps otherwise they will be coerced to start movement of protest against government.

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