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COVID-19 & response of Pakistan’s Government


By: Abdul Rauf Mugheri (Media Coordinator YNA Action Committee DOW OJHA)

Coronavirus Pandemic effects increasing very fast day by day in whole country, number of patients reached upto 8175 in which 167 persons have dead. In last four days number of patient’s increased more than 2000 In sindh number of cases increasing day by day very fast particularly in Karachi .

In sindh number of cases is 2537 in which 56 are dead , According chief minster of sindh he told that if number patient increased in particular area that area will be sealed and we are doing like that to control and limit the spread of that pandemic virus.

As we see in last few weeks the ratio of patients are increased with huge numbers which shows us a drastic future implications on us but in this difficult situation our leadership is not on one page they are taking it non serious-hood.

In these crises why it is so necessary to take softness in lock down, In this situation why construction industry they are opening, As other industry are closed why only this industry take lot of interest.

On other side , effected persons are increasing and increasing but they reluctant to lockdown! As a medcal personal I personally feels lock down impose further strict and it should be continued for two to three weeks, But i dont what they are want and from that approach they are thinking .

Are this kind of approach is not playing life’s of people of this country, If situation like this are continued these cases are multiply by huge numbers. patients are increasing and increasing so the pressure load on health services , doctors, nurses, paramedics are increasing with no time.

They are doing a remarkable job in pandemic problem all over Pakistan. In sindh cases are increasing very fast, CM sindh said that we are in right track to control and maintain the risk affectees of that pandemic but as for as number of cases increasing as compare to other provinces.

If they taking serious node on earlier took lockdown number of patients may be in lower side but these numbers of statics we couldn’t see successfully implemented lockdown.

We also should focus on rural sindh because we are only seen in big cities, what is the status of rural health setup, because there is no such kind of facility there is no strict rules followed by peoples.

In last days sindh government submitted there health related report to supreme court they are telling that only 144 ventilator spared for crona virus patients , they are doing consecutive 13 years government in this province but the health facilities are not done to the favor of poor peoples of this province ! If we compare to federal government they are doing only media basis politics .

My huge respect and urge to both provincial and federal government please forget the politics in this difficult scenario, make a single strict policy and gave straight forward orders to stat to maintain and limit the cases of virus and also taking our routine basis needy life .

One thing added here as medical personnel we don’t need tribute , salute or honour we are doing our job but only request is that we need personal protection equipment and emergency medical equipment things which needed in every health care setups.

we have to maintain and upgrade our health services and focusing in increasing test capacity of coronavirus to know about the frequency of cases and actual numbers of cases in the pandemic situation !.

If we couldn’t on one platform we shall face a lot of problems in the future as for as this pandemic coronavirus and economic situation.

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