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The Plight Of Women


Naeem Ahmed Solangi (The author is a police officer)

Women contributes to welfare and development of a society. No society can bring change if women are not emancipated. Pakistani society is bearing the brunt of polarization, corruption, ageing infrastructure, bleak democracy and weak economy due to the disempowerment of women. The women are exploited and oppressed in our country.

Women are considered to be stupid in the country. Our society really overlooks the ability of women. We discourage women from taking initiatives as we have taken for granted that women are not mentally strong enough to do great things.

William Shakespeare says,” Fraility! thy name is woman”. such beliefs are a big hurdle in women empowerment.

In addition, women are not encouraged to get education. Even Sir Syad Ahmad Khan, who promoted education in the sub-continent, discouraged women education. Our society educates boys because they will support family financially.

We consider girls liability and we do not invest in their education. Illiteracy aggravates the plight of women that retards women intellectual growth and social mobility.

Moreover, women face violence at home as well as at workplace. Women are killed to protect the honour of family. Women are raped to take revenge which can be seen in the Mukhtara Mia gange-rape case.

Male bosses harass women at workpalce. Women are not free to perform their services at workplace as they are blackmailed and sexually abused. This makes women suffer from psychological problems.

Women do not participate in politics independently. Women have to follow men’s orders while casting their votes. If women vote against men’s dictation, they are beaten and humiliated.

Women lack funds and leadership skills to contest elections. Fatima Jinnah vied against Ayub Khan in 1965 elections, she was dubbed as American agent. Women ministers are assigned soft ministries. They cannot manage ministries, such as foreign and defence ministries.

In order to emancipate women, the government ought to make laws and enforce them in letter and spirit. Those who mistreat women must be punished in accordance with law.

Although the government has framed a plethora of laws, it has failed to implement them. The government is responsible for weeding out the plight of women by chalking out sound policies. All the stakeholders must be on the same page to create gender equality.

Socialization of gender roles must be altered. There should be no stereotypes in assigning roles to boys and girls. Human beings are born equal in terms of mental power.

Women are good at performing mental work like men. Modern world needs more human resources that do mental work. Modern information and technology replaces physical work with mental work. Both men and women are able to do this equally.

Women must be empowered financially. Women should be allowed to make their livelihoods themselves. Their financial dependence on men can be overcome in this way. Freedom and independence of women will change our society.

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