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PTI lawmakers criticizes Sindh government over failed lockdown


PTI Karachi President and MPA Khurram Sher Zaman said that there is no implementation visible in Karachi lockdown and we have discussed it with the commissioner.

Federal government is being criticized for the inefficiency of Sindh government which is unfair.

PTI has done substantial amount of lawmaking in the assembly but the PPP government isn’t letting those legislation pass.

He was addressing at the presser after meeting the Comissioner Karachi earlier with a delegation of PTI Karachi delegation comprising of MNA Aftab Siddiqui, MPA Raja Azhar, MPA Seema Zia, Imran Siddiqui, Women Wing President Fizza Zeeshan and others.

The delegation discussed the ongoing situation of the lockdown in the city and its implementation.

“Sindh government is giving ration to hardly 5000 people which is lesser than the welfare organizations.

Shop sellers have started hoarding and charging higher prices from the citizens, every now and then we experience a rise in the rates of flour, sugar and mases.

Any shop seller who is found of this wrongdoing must be punished and his shop must be sealed”.

He added that 11 UCs are sealed in the city but nobody knows how many tests were conducted in these areas.

CM should focus on practical steps rather than personal glorification. Health Minister is nowhere to be seen in this emergency situation.

We have submitted our reservations to the Comissioner Karachi and will go to the court of law if our reservations are not properly addressed.

PPP has done corruption of 985 Billion rupees. Global community is praising PM Khan’s Ehsas program.MNA Aftab Siddiqui said that Sindh government announced on 17 March to provide rations to the families but there is no implementation.

There is no sanitizing activity in the city to be seen during the lockdown which would be the very purpose of the lockdown.

The government has even closed the OPDs of the hospital which shows the worsened condition of healthcare in the province. He demanded to open the OPDs and shift the quarantine centers out of hospitals.

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