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Lockdown a blessing or trial


By: Muhammad Tayyab

The present lockdown is temporary and will end soon. But I get shivering; when I think about the agony and miseries of the three years lockdown of Abi Talib (the disciple of Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him) at the narrow and bumpy canyon called Abi Talib(Sheb-e-Abi Talib).

The place where my Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him along with his family faced bravely three years of social and economic boycott from the whole society.

During the three years of lockdown Prophet with his family and companions suffered hunger and immense mental pressure. They ate leaves, bark of trees and many other things like that for their survival.

There were infants,young children ,women and elders who stood by the side of Prophet for His just cause. Prophet and his family did not have the facilities like us. No external aid of any NGO was there to help.

As Quraish of Mukkah shut all doors of economic and social welfare for them. No outsider tribe could even provide them food on humanitarian ground due to the Quraysh powerful political and economic influence in the Arab region.

During that time they didn’t have any aid of NGO which could provide them food. When women and children cried with hunger or heat, the disbelievers used to laugh at them. But in spite of that inhumane behavior the resolute was very high among the believers.

They only believe on Allah against all hardships. If we compare our lockdown problems with the continuous three years lockdown difficulties of the Prophet and His companion then we can realize how unthankful people we are.

We have all the basic necessities of life along with many facilities like ration reserve, electricity, AC, TV and Internet access, while we still complain. “An inch of time is inch of gold, but you can’t buy that inch of time with an inch of gold”.According to this proverb time is irreplaceable thing ,so we should make good use of time specially in this lockdown The free time of lockdown can be utilize in useful activities which will be beneficial for our future.

For example, if we are week in reading, writing then we should work on these things. Various food dishes can be made in homes which we usually don’t cook. We can spend time in doing conversation on phone with those friends and relatives who cannot be reached in normal routine.

If we think about the normal routine of our daily life , then we can realize that we miss so many important happy moments of family life due to our tough work schedule. This lockdown time has provided the opportunity to spend our time with parents who get happiness in our presence. This lockdown is for our own good.

It is necessary to contain the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Only unnecessary movements of citizen are prohibited. Sheb-e- Abi Talib was the trial of my Prophet’s patience and tolerance! Abi Talib was completely under siege. So in this context if we think, lockdown is a trial then we should also be patient like Abi Talib and the martyrs and prisoners of Karbala.

Well if we think Covid-19 virus is a punishment from Allah then we must seek His forgiveness. But at the same time we should also be thankful to Allah as we are not dying due to hunger.

The door of repentance is still open! This history and the true events of the Prophet are the flames for the practical life of the Muslims. May Allah grant us the insight to read, understand, and practice the Prophets Peace Be Upon him Sunnah (teachings).Aameen.

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  1. Bashir Haidri says

    Good effort Dear.
    Life of Prophet S.A.W ,his Campanian (Sahaba) R.A and his Faimly (Ahlebait) R.A life is always ideal for everyone
    Even in quarantine days

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