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People’s Party delegation meets with Religious leaders at Jamia Naeemia


Delegation of Pakistan People’s Party visited Jamia Mujadadia Naeemia Karachi including provincial ministers Saeed Ghani , Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Haji Murtaza Balouch, MNA Agha Rafi-u-llah and others amd met with Mufti Muneeb-u-Rehman and Mufti Muhammad Jan Naeemi here on yesterday.

Present situation of lock down, ban on Nimaz Ba Jamat due to the precautions regarding pandemic Corona virus and other things were also brought under discussion where matters were negotiated and decisions were taken collaborating with each other.

It was also decided in a meeting that Sindh Government and Ullma Committee representatives will have press conference within three or four days in which decisions about Nimaz Ba Jamat and Taraveh prayer in Ramadan-ul-Mubarak will be announced.

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