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Malir Police & AVLC personnel arrest 9 suspects


Malir police raided and AVLC personnel raided in Kathore and super high way separately and claimed the arrest of 9 suspects here on yesterday.

In this respect Gadop AVLC division personnel raided near super highway abruptly having secret information and arrested motorcycles theives named Ali Hassan and Shahzad with stolen motorcycles and weapons who were selling stolen motorcycles in Balochistan.

As per preliminary investigation suspects Muhammad Hassan and Shahzad have revealed that they work in Lashari Gang and also told the pattern of stealing motorcycles and told that they sell motorcycles at Jhal Magsi on cheap amount.

They revealed that they sell Honda motorcycle in 10 thousands and China 8 thousands rupees, their gang leader is Muhammad Ali at Jhal Magsi who purchase motorcycles and then sell them.

They further revealed that their gang member was killed at North Nazimabad in police firing although Asif Lashari, Kashif Lashari, Shahzad Lashari, Chano nickname Kamran are included in gang.

On the other hand PS Gulshan Mamar police attacked near Kathore on secret report and arrested 7 accused people who were endeavoring to go out of Karachi towards Khaibar Pakhtunkhwa hiding them self through truck while the violation of section 144.

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