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Chairman Mazdoor Union urges Sindh Government for payment of additional grant to KDA


Abdul Mateen Shaikh Chairman Mazdoor Union KDA demanded Sindh government to provide 1500 Million additional grant to KDA for the payment of pension to retire employee.

He stated that numbers of people would die if pensions would not get paid as they are in an age of above 60 years and they can not do any other work so pension is their only hope.

Chairman Mazdoor Union urged  Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah and Minister Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah to arrange the funds for retire employees payment of pension and also urged for payment of an additional grant to the department as Holy Month Ramadan is coming .

He asked the Government to complete the process of grant before 25th April so that the department could pay salaries and pensions to employees till 25th April due to the Holy Month Ramadan.

Moreover, he expressed thanked Minister Local  Government and CM Sindh for the issuance of grant to Karachi Development Authority but the said grant of 200 Million is not sufficient for the department to bear all the expenses.

Adbul Mateen Sheikh informed that ,1 to 20  Grade Employees including some workcharge and contract employees salary has been paid from 200 Million grant of provincial government, department pay all the expenses from recovery but as the whole city is in lockdown state so how the KDA could earn 1500 million shortfall.

He asked Sindh Government to pay 3500 Million rupees as the whole expense of department including salaries and pensions are estimated the said amount as Retire Employees have not get pension till yet due to non-availability of funds.

He said that Karachi including all country is in a lockdown state due to the spread of coronavirus, numbers of issues are arising due to this.

Speaking about COVID-19 he added that, It is blessed of Allah that in Pakistan the situation is not worst as compare to USA, Italy, France , Germany including other countries which has badly affected due to the spread of COVID-19 and thousands of people have lost their lives.

We are thankful to Allah COVID-19 is not spread as much, but daily wagers estimated 20 to 25 lac people are affected badly because of lockdown and they are staying at home and facing the worst financial crisis including factory workers, helpers in shops , shopping malls and others, he shared.

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