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No other option except to tighten lockdown;Jam Ikramullah Dharejo


Provincial Minister for Anti-Corruption, Industries and Commerce & Co-operative Department Jam Ikramullah Dharejo has said in a statement, issued here on Saturday, that a growing number of Coronavirus positive cases in Pakistan, including Sindh, are raising serious threats while dealing with the Coronavirus, the federal government has not taken Sindh Government on board yet.

Provincial Minister Jam Ikramullah Dharejo further said that for the Sindh government, the lives of its people are precious. Coronavirus is no ordinary pandemic.

He said that efforts were being made to provide the necessities of life to the people.and hopefully there would be no shortage of them.

Sindh minister Industries & Commerce and Cooperative Department & Anti-Corruption Jam Ikramuallah Dharejo said that if we did not take precautions, the spread of Corona would be more destructive like in other countries so the people of Sindh would have to support the Sindh government while the entire Sindh cabinet including Chief Minister Sindh was fighting with Coronavirus.

‘ No matter what the criticism is for us, our first and the last target is to save our people. There is no time for political point scoring.

Those who are doing so at this critical time will have to take the nails of consciousness because in this difficult time we all have to work together like a great nation and everyone has to play his due role ‘ . he concluded.

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