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Need to take Emergency measures to tackle economic crisis;Secretary Information MQI


By: Muhammad Tayyab

Rao Ishtiaq Ahmed, Secretary Information of MQI Karachi said that emergency measures should have to be taken to tackle the economic crisis caused by Corona.

Many companies are facing critical condition due to Corona Virus and many people are unemployed.

He expressed these views at a meeting with Professor Khayal Afaqi, a prominent social figure in the FB area, with Shahzad Meerthy.

He lamented the loss of lives of some people on the distribution of aid and said that cottage industry units should be set up by the government traders to avoid the devastation of unemployment.

He said that upon graduation, people are suffering from neurological, physical and psychological disorders. The government takes the Corona virus seriously.

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  1. Sadia says

    Agreed .people are in great stress,government need to take more steps to address people problems.

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