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Bin Qasim police becomes failure to keep people stay at their home


A very thickly populated area of Malir Pipri where people have neglected declarative lock down which is imposed by government to control on the dispersion of Corona virus.

Habitants are gathered every where in area in a crowd even police is also available but it has totally become failure to make people stay their home due to that danger of spreading pandemic Corona virus has occurred.

In this respect Buzrig committee member and social activists Imam Bukhsh Gabol, Muhammad Yameen Gabol, General Secretary of Roshni welfare association Shafi Muhammad Hakro, Abdul Lateef Bughio and others talked with media and said that it has been 20 days to announced lock down but still Bin Qasim police has been unsuccessful to confine people till their homes people travel in crowd easily from one place to an other place without any obstacles but police has become tranquil spectator showing its non-interest and negligence.

They further said that every time a rush of people is found at main stops even many shops are opened beyond general stores, medical stores and grocery shops at Nasir Abad, Shah Town, Goth, Shah Nawaz village, Mureed village and others villages of UC Pipri.

Moreover they said police should take serious steps to make lock down fruitful if not then situation of can be dangerous due to the spread of pandemic Corona virus which may be out of control.

Habitants of UC Pipri appealed chief minister of Sindh, IG Sindh and Malir Administration to bind Bin Qasim police to take effective step to keep people at their homes because isolation is only a way to overcome pandemic Corona virus.

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