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Parents in Sindh forced to pay monthly school fee amid lockdown


Sindh Government has asked Parents to pay the school fees of their children in the same months to privately managed schools despite of lockdown in province due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Directorate of Private Institutions Sindh on Thursday in a letter stated that ,to avail 20% Concession in school fees parents should have to pay the fee during the same month.

It was learned that Directorate of Private Institutions Sindh also issued a letter on Monday 6th April in which they announced for the concession of 20% in payment of April and May fees but there was nothing like the current letter mentioned that parents must have to pay the fee in current month.

Fortunately, the department via letter on Monday had also established a complaint cell to register complaints in case of non-compliance on the orders and teaching and non-teaching staff of private schools were also asked to lodge complain in case of non-payment of salaries.

Lockdown has imposed in all over the country till 14th April and it is expected that it will further extend as the number of COVID-19 cases are rising, large numbers of daily wagers, shopkeepers and people who are doing business excluding essential services are staying at home from 22nd March.

Everywhere in country people are struggling to get Ration (Grocery), Sindh Government has also disbursed millions of rupees to the Deputy Commissioner to provide ration to the needy people.

Fayyaz Father of Three Chidrens shared that, Majority of citizens in all over Sindh are facing severe financial crisis due to the lockdown, in this situation how can parents pay the school fee of their children’s.

He claimed that, Sindh Government’s Directorate of Inspection/registration of private institutions Sindh has issued the letter for payment of fee on the current month allegedly by the influence of Private Schools Associations.

Moreover he siad that, As the Association’s representatives are saying that monthly fee collection is their only source of income, yes I also agree with the opinion but are these schools established or running from one or two months, majority of schools are operating from many years so why they don’t have resources and funds to bear the expenses.

Social Activist Abdul Aziz stated that, It is injustice with the citizens how parents can pay the schools fee in this difficult time.

He urged the Sindh Government to hold the monthly fee payment directives until the situation would get normalized.

City News learned that, Sindh Government Labour Department in the month of March directed all industries and offices for the payment of salaries despite lockdown, their businesses were closed but they were bound to pay salaries to every employee because of labour department order.

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